Using Categories and Tags to organise your topics

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Categories and Tags are optional features you can use to organise your topics.

It's important to mention that you do not need to add Categories or Tags to your Topics. These are entirely optional.

Only administrators are currently able to add new Categories. New Tags can be added by anyone with a Trust Level 3 and above.

If you do have any ideas for new Categories or Tags, please add them in the Forum feedback Category.




You can see the different categories available on the left of the main forum homepage.



There are two ways you can say which Category your Topic belongs in.

  1. Create Topic within the Category

  2. Add the Category to the Topic

Create Topic within the Category

When you click on a Category name, you will see a list of the Topics within that Category.

To create a new Topic in that Category, you can click the New Topic button on the right.



Add the Category to the Topic

The other option is to click the New Topic button on the right on the main screen.

You can then use the dropdown menu to select which Category it belongs in.



I've seen Topics with multiple Categories listed...

Within an individual Category, we do have a number of SubCategories. They will appear on a Topic showing both the Category and the Subcategory.


In the above screenshot, you can see the Category "About the forum" followed by the Subcategory "Announcements".

To view the Topics within a Subcategory, you can click the names just below the main Category description.




Another, less formal way to organise Topics is to add Tags. You can see these just next to the Category box when you create your Topic.