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Here's a brief overview of the process that unfolds once you flag a thread or post:

1. Flagged posts go into the review queue

When a post is flagged, it shows up immediately for moderators to review. It stays visible unless it gets several flags, a system message then alerts the community that the post is under review, and the original poster can edit their post to revise the content.

2. Moderation decision

Moderators evaluate whether the flagged post breaches community guidelines. Options include disregarding the flag, agreeing and possibly deleting or keeping the post hidden, or escalating the matter for further action.

3. Resolution and notification

After a decision, necessary actions are taken, such as editing, deleting, or reinstating the post. The user who posted receives a notification from the moderator or admin detailing the actions taken and reasons provided. The aim is to manage flagged posts within 72 hours to uphold community standards and prompt response.


This is the pop-up box that will appear when you click on the flag icon on a post or thread. It will prompt you to choose an option and then click the blue “Flag Post” button.


Is it private to flag?

Yes! When you flag something, nobody else knows it was you – not the person who posted, not other community members, it is completely confidential. Only the moderators know something was flagged. So, you can feel safe flagging anything that needs attention.