How to flag content and why it matters

In our Online Community, everyone's contribution is valued, and everyone's safety is our priority. That's why we have a flagging system — a key feature allowing members to report content that may not align with our community standards. This includes everything from topics, comments and personal messages.

Let’s break down how to flag effectively and what happens once you do.

Flagging on the forum

When to flag

Our community thrives on respect, safety, and understanding. This system not only protects you but ensures that everyone can participate in a space free from fear and discomfort. Trust your instincts - if something feels off, it’s worth flagging.

Here are some reasons you might consider flagging content:

  • Bullying or harassment: There’s no room for this here. If you witness bullying or harassment, flag it immediately. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected.

  • Derogatory language: Words can hurt. Language that demeans, insults, or otherwise harms should be flagged. Our community is built on mutual respect.

  • Unsafe content: Your comfort matters. If you encounter content that makes you feel uneasy or threatened, please flag it. Your well-being is our priority.

  • Personal messages: Safety doesn’t stop at public posts. If you receive personal message (PM’s) or direct messages (DM’s) that are inappropriate or make you feel unsafe, flag them. Your privacy and security are paramount.

  • Safeguarding concerns: If you come across content that raises concerns about the well-being or safety of a community member, flag it immediately. Whether it’s a subtle hint of someone in distress or more direct mentions of harm, your vigilance helps us protect and support our members effectively.

  • Anything else that doesn’t feel right: You know our community best. If something doesn’t align with the spirit of our space, it’s worth bringing to our attention. Whether it’s off-topic, questionable, or just feels wrong, we trust your judgment.

If you think you have raised a flag by mistake, no problem, contact Admin and they will be able to remove it from the review queue.

The flagging process

If you see something in our community that doesn't feel right, you can do something about it. We urge our members to report any posts that seem out of place, ensuring our community stays a welcoming and secure environment for all.

While moderators and admin can see who has flagged a piece of content, this information is strictly confidential. The broader community and the original poster will not know who flagged their content.

Here's a brief overview of the process that unfolds once you flag a thread or post:

1. Flagged posts go into the review queue

When a post is flagged, it shows up immediately for moderators to review. It stays visible unless it gets several flags, a system message then alerts the community that the post is under review, and the original poster can edit their post to revise the content.

2. Moderation decision

Moderators evaluate whether the flagged post breaches community guidelines. Options include disregarding the flag, agreeing and possibly deleting or keeping the post hidden, or escalating the matter for further action.

3. Resolution and notification

After a decision, necessary actions are taken, such as editing, deleting, or reinstating the post. The user who posted receives a notification from the moderator or admin detailing the actions taken and reasons provided. The aim is to manage flagged posts within 72 hours to uphold community standards and prompt response.

Flagging options

There are different ways you can flag things like if it’s off-topic, inappropriate, spam, or even against the law. Each option helps keep our place safe and friendly for everyone.

Below is a breakdown of the different options you can choose from and what they mean:

  1. Send [@username] a personal message about their post

This option allows you to address the issue directly with the original poster without involving a moderator. It's a chance to explain why their post might not be appropriate or could be seen as hurtful.

  1. Notify staff privately

Choosing any one of the below options means the post or thread will go directly to the flagging queue for moderators and admins to manage and decide on the best way forward.

  • It’s Off-Topic: Use this option if the content doesn’t fit the current discussion or the forum's general theme. It helps keep conversations focused and relevant.

  • It's Inappropriate: For content that may be offensive, hurtful, or not in line with the community's standards of respect and decency, select this option. It covers a broad range of concerns from derogatory language to inappropriate material.

  • It's Spam: This is for content that looks like unsolicited advertising or irrelevant posts. Spam clutters the community space and detracts from meaningful discussions.

  • It's Illegal: If you come across content that you believe involves illegal activities or encourages such actions, flag it under this category. It’s crucial for maintaining a lawful and safe community space.

  • Something Else: If the content doesn’t clearly fit the other categories but you still have concerns, choose “Something Else.” This option allows you to provide a brief explanation of your concerns, giving the moderators context to understand and evaluate the issue properly.

This is the pop-up box that will appear when you click on the flag icon on a post or thread. It will prompt you to choose an option and then click the blue “Flag Post” button.

flagging options.png

Is it private to flag?

Yes! When you flag something, nobody else knows it was you – not the person who posted, not other community members, it is completely confidential. Only the moderators know something was flagged. So, you can feel safe flagging anything that needs attention.

The identity of the flagger is not disclosed to the community or to the person whose content was flagged, ensuring you can flag without fear of backlash.

While moderators are informed of every flag, they might not always respond directly to the flagger. Rest assured, every flag is reviewed and acted upon as part of our commitment to community safety.

The importance of flagging

Your diligence in flagging inappropriate content plays a crucial role in shaping a safe, respectful, and engaging community. It's about more than just moderation; it's about fostering a culture where everyone can participate freely and positively.

Flagging isn't just about identifying what's wrong; it's a proactive step towards maintaining the health and happiness of our online community. When something seems off, your flag signals a need for attention, helping us all create a better, more welcoming space.

Your feedback

To ensure your comments, compliments, and complaints are directly addressed, we encourage you to reach out through our Service Desk. This way, your feedback is promptly seen by the right people who can act on it.