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We will need to know what you would like the group to be called and if it should be publicly accessible.

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\uD83D\uDCD8 Instructions


It will also be sent to all members of the group.


Adding users to a group

If your group is not publicly visible, you will need to invite or add users to it. If your group is publicly visible, you can still do this.

You have two options to add users:

  1. If you know their email address (or another way to contact them).

  2. If you know their username.


Option 1: By email address

If you want to add a user to your group and know the person’s email address, you can do that by clicking the “Invite” button on the right side of the group.

This can be used to invite existing forum users to your group or invite new users to join both the forum and your group.

Once you have clicked the Invite button, you will see a popup that looks like this:


You can then copy the invite url to send in your email or other message to the individual. There are a few important things on this popup though:

  • Restrict to one email address: This is a good option if you only want to invite a specific person. You can leave it blank if you want to invite more than one person.

  • Max uses: changing this to a high number will mean that you can send the same link to multiple people.

  • Arrive at this topic: If you want people to see a particular conversation when they arrive, a welcome message for example.

  • Add to groups: Make sure your group is listed in this box.

  • Expire after: If you want this to be a limited time, you can set that here. The default is one month.

When you are finished configuring your link, make sure to click the “Save Invite” button.

When they click the link, they will see a page that looks like this if they are not already a user:


They can then fill in the required fields to create their user.

Option 2: By username

You can also add people who are already members of the My Stroke Guide forum IF you know their username.
Clicking the “Add Users” button on the right side of the screen will display this popup:


You can then search for their username in the box and click the blue “Add” button at the bottom. This will add them to your group.