How to manage a group

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This article will walk you through what options are available to group owners.

If you would like to start a group, please contact us.

We will need to know what you would like the group to be called and if it should be publicly accessible.


Once you have been made an owner of a group, you will have a few options on how it appears to other users and who can post to the group.

First thing, you'll need to navigate to the group.

  1. Click the "Groups" button in the top bar (or in the hamburger dropdown)

2. Select the name of your group

3. Once here, you will see a list of the members. You can also click the Activity tab to view what your members have been posting.

Configuring your group

There are a number of ways you can configure your group.


To change the name and description of your group, go to the "Manage" tab.

Here you will be able to write in the Full Name and About details for your group.


As an owner of a group, you have the ability to set change some Access options.

If your group is set to be fully private (as the one in the below screenshot is), you will only be able to enable/disable users to leave the group.

If your group is publicly visible, you can also choose whether users can join the group freely or if they can send membership requests.



On this page also is the ability to set Avatar Flair icons and colours.

These icons and colours will appear for all members of the group.


Under the "Interaction" tab, you will see options for who can mention your group in topics and posts, as well as who is allowed to send a private message to the group.

Who can @mention this group?

Being able to @mention a group refers to the ability to essentially tag your group into a separate topic or post.


Doing this will send an alert to everyone in the group.

Who can message this group?

Users who are allowed to message your group will see a blue button at the top of the group screen. Any message they send will be listed under the "Messages" tab.


It will also be sent to all members of the group.