How to add a photo to your profile and how to add or include background information on your profile

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You can change the information that is visible when someone clicks to view your profile. To amend or add background to your own profile, please follow the below instructions.



1. Click on your profile picture or initial in the top right corner

profile icon.png
  1. Click on the little person icon in that menu and then the “Preferences” option

  1. On the top menu, choose Account

  1. Click the pencil icon next to your current profile image

  1. You should now be able to “Upload“ a new image. If you are on your phone or tablet, you may also be able to take a new picture.

  1. Click “Save Changes” when you are done.

  1. If you want to edit other parts of your profile, click “Profile” on the secondary tab menu

  1. You can now fill in the “About me” section (and any other sections you wish to populate.

  1. If you continue to scroll down, you will see other sections that you can change or fill in further such as:

  • Time zone

  • Location

  • First name and Surname

  • Postcode

  • Gender

  • What is your relationship to stroke?

  • Date of Birth

  • When did you have your last stroke?

  • Mobile phone number

  • Consent to stay in touch

  • Profile header

  • User card background

  • and Featured topic

  1. Lastly, scroll down to the bottom and click the blue “Save Changes” button, and you’re good to go!

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