How to log in using the "one-time login link"

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You can login to the My Stroke Guide forum without a password using a one-time login link. This works by sending you a link in an email. Clicking this link will log you into the forum.


Below is a video tutorial, keep scrolling to view written instructions.

  1. On the main homepage, click the yellow "Login" button in the top, right-hand corner. (You can also click on "Forum" in the purple navigation bar)


  2. You will then be redirected to the forum homepage. From here click the blue "Log In" button on the top far right-hand side of the page.


  3. The login form will appear, put in your username or email then click "Skip the password; email me a login link"



  4. You will now need to go back and check for an email that looks like this. Click the link:



  5. Once you click the link you will be taken to a page like the one picture below. Click the "Finish Login" button to login.


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