How to I view replies to my posts?

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Below is a video tutorial, keep scrolling to view written instructions.


  1. When someone replies to one of your posts or topics, you will see a little number appear next to your profile picture in the top right of the screen.


  2. To view the reply, click on your profile picture. This will show you a list of the interactions on your posts. The arrow will show how many replies you currently have. You can click on the topic name to view the replies.


  3. When you click on the reply, it will take you to view your topic and the replies.


  4. If the dropdown menu is too small, you can click on the arrow at the bottom of the menu or click twice on the notification icon.


  5. This will take you to your Notifications screen, where you can view the reply links on a larger screen.



Depending on your notifications settings, you may also receive an email when someone replies to your topic or post.



Clicking on the "View Topic" link will take to back to your topic or post to view the replies.